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SharePoint 2010 Books

April 25th, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

It is hard to cover all references on SharePoint 2010 in a short post, so this post only covers books. There are currently over 100 SharePoint 2010 books, including books that are not released yet, those in different languages or non-book format and those covering SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Office 365 and directly related products.
You can find various sites with a few picks of SharePoint 2010 books, but the most complete list is the V4FAQ ( which groups books into a number of categories like administration, courses, development, general, designer, other languages and other format (ex. Kindle). The list (hosted on SP 2007) contains some properties on each book including, ISBN, price, release status and links to e-stores in different countries (from Amazon). This list is well maintained and updated regularly. May be Mike Walsh (the person behind V4FAQ) will add brief reviews one day!
Identifying your area of interest (and level) should be the first step. You can then scan the above list for possible titles. Most, if not all, books on Amazon provide a detailed table of content and this should give an idea about topic coverage. You can also check the editorials and user rankings and comments on Amazon. If you need to find more, you may search for reviews on the Internet (some books are reviewed either as promotion or recommended based on their value). Some books also offer free excerpts and even complete chapters (in addition to random content you can access through Amazon, Safari or similar services (the above FAQ also lists books with free chapters at
Earlier releases usually rely on the Beta versions of SharePoint and some screen shots may look a little different from the final release of SharePoint. Now, with plenty to choose from, you have to do more work to select one or more (and stay on budget).
Another simple list (not as fresh, but categorized) is from Joel Oleson at
Note: another that was circulated recently is available at the (powered by SharePoint Foundation 2010) which has other great resources as well (books by Ian Morrish, shared by Mai Omar).

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