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Phone Call Memo List

April 28th, 2011 Abed Khooli 1 comment

If you used the SharePoint 2010 Group Work site template, you may be familiar with the Phone Call Memo list. In fact, if you enable the site feature Group Work Lists on any other site (site settings, site features), you’ll notice that a Phone Call Memo list will be added to the Quick Launch.
The Phone Call Memo list is what you expect from such a list: you can track calls by recording source, recipients, call back number, specify if confidential, message and call time. The default view is My Unresolved Calls. Upon viewing an item, you can click Resolve (after taking care of the call) and it will disappear from the default view and can be viewed in the My Memos view (where you can change your mind and mark it unresolved). The other two views (out of the box) are Memos from me and all unresolved memos.