Welcome to Arabic2000.Com - the Easy Applications home! has been around and online since 1997. Our main focus is easy web applications. We also maintain the easy find - Arab Countries Web Directory (A2KD) which covers the 22 Arab Countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen in English and Arabic. With A2KD, resulst are 2 clicks away! Succeed in English with our tailor-made private lessons -


Arab Countries Web Directory has major sites from over 30 categories like country directories (yellow pages), banks, tourism and travel guides, embassies, hotels, content portals, e-government portals, stock exchanges, mobile operators, internet service providers, classifieds and tenders, jobs and real estate portals, parliaments, daily newspapers, news agencies and news portals, satellite tv stations, online retailers, universities, airports and airlines and more. Listing is free.
Try, bookmark and share the Arab Countries Web Directory: as your easy find engine - two clicks and you are there!

Easy Applications are a set of web based systems that can run on your desktop (Win 7 or later) or server - installed on one machine and accessed by authorized clients. Easy Applications are affordable, powerful, secure and easy to use.
Our applications are designed for small to medium size institutions, organizations and offices. All interfaces are in English, but other languages are supported (including right-to-left languages like Arabic).

Easy Contacts

Easy Contact Management (ECM), the latest in our series is now available.

Easy Contacts is a web based contact management system for both individuals and institutions. It supports record protection and keeps your contacts centralized and accessible to any authorized staff.

Flexible search and reporting are provided. Find more or download Easy Attendance at Easy Contacts FAQ.

Easy Attendance

Our third product in the Easy Applications series - Easy Attendance - is now available.

Easy Attendance is a web based application to track and manage employee attendance, leaves, overtime and vacations - especially suited for institutions with under 100 employees and flexible work hours.

See more or download Easy Attendance at Easy Attendance FAQ.

The second product in the Easy Applications series - Easy Training Management (ETM) - a web based training management information system and CRM is now available.

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Easy Training

Easy Training Management is composed of Clients (trainees, trainers, coordinators, ..), course categories, courses and classes along with class trainees, trainers and coordinators in addition to payments (v. 1.3). Through the option of enabling client logins, you can allow trainees to view their own data and sign up for upcoming classes if you host the application on the Internet.

Find more or download Easy Training at Easy Training FAQ.

Our first release was Easy Archive - a web based Digital Archival and Retrieval System for small & medium institutions and professional offices. Now, you can manage, secure and access your documents easily!

Easy Archive

Easy Archive can be used to archive, classify (annotate) and retrieve documents, files and correspondence including paper records (scan to pdf). Each record has its own metadata, tags and security level. You can also create relations between any two documents (records) in the system (as in a letter and its reply).

See more or download Easy Archive at Easy Archive FAQ.

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