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Welcome to Easy Training Management (ETM)!

Easy Training Management (ETM) is a web based training management information system and CRM. Using ETM, you take full control over training management tasks (training offering, registration and payments) in your institution. Find more in Easy Training FAQ.

ETM is mainly for training centers and training providers, but can also be used to track staff training in any institution.

ETM is composed of Clients (trainees, trainers, coordinators, ..), course categories, courses and classes along with class trainees, trainers and coordinators. Through the option of enabling client logins, you can allow trainees to view their own data and sign up for upcoming classes if you host the application on the Internet.

From a client (ex. trainee) record, you can view classes they have taken and how they did in each. From a class, you can see the class roster. You can also find students who took a certain course (all classes) and export data in CSV format.

A flexible search and export form is provided for better client management. Security is also implemented to prevent deletion of records and secure system and user management.

Version 1.3 of ETM also handles trainee payments and adds seven flexible reports.

You must be logged in (top right) to be able to view and enter data.
Once you are logged in, more menu items will be made available. Remember to log off when done.
You may use the test login TestStudent with Test4ETM as password (subject to change) to try ETM as a student (named John Smith) with the ability to sign up for upcoming classes. This account cannot add or search records and most menus will not be visible. To see Easy Training in action, feel free to download and install the trial version (25 clients limit, unlimited classes).

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