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Relevant Documents Web Part

April 21st, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

The Relevant Documents web part offers a special functionality when you are involved in multiple documents in various libraries – whether part of collaboration and team work or as document management solution. You can add the Relevant Documents web part just like any other web part – in a web part or Wiki page. Edit the page and insert web part (under Content Rollup). It will work without further adjustments (default settings), but it is always worth inspecting the settings. The most important section in the configuration is Data.Relevant Documents Here, you can select the criteria that interests you. The options are (you can check one or more): created by me, modified by me and checked out to me. There is also an option to link to the library or folder that contains the document and a configurable number of items to display (up to 10000, but 10 to 20 is reasonable). As with other web part, you can control the title and other appearance aspects and target audiences is still available under the Advanced section.
The web part displays a list of items (type, name, modified, location link (if checked), and properties – an icon that shows all properties) that meet the criteria sorted by Last Modified in reverse order (most recently modified on top).