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SharePoint Saturday in Palestine

October 16th, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

Yesterday was the second major . Last year’s event was in September, 2010. In addition to local speakers, we had and Paul Swider from the States and Mohamed Saleh from Jordan. My session was about designing workflows in SharePoint Designer and I wanted to share my slides here. I added a few more to illustrate the use of Visio and InfoPath and also the vacation processing logic.

Here’s the presentation in PDF format (950 KB)

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Using A Workflow To Protect A Blog Against Bad Words

May 12th, 2011 Abed Khooli 2 comments

SharePoint 2010 is celebrating its first birthday today and here’s a small gift. It was actually inspired by a question on MS SharePoint forum: “How to filter obscene/bad words in sharepoint 2010 blog?”
There are several ways (taking into account this is not offered as a SharePoint feature): you may write an event receiver in Visual Studio and handle the issue (if you have access to install the feature), or write a java script in the NewPost form and take care of the problem. The other option I am outlining today is using a workflow. You can associate a workflow with the Posts list on item creation and change. The workflow will check if the current item contains (ignoring case) any of the pre-defined list of bad words (notice how they are listed: word1 || word2 || word3 …). These are assigned to a local variable in the first step. If yes, it sets the publication date to some time in the future (this in effect will kick the entry into pending mode or at least prevents it from showing on the blog interface).  Then, it alerts the author and (optionally) the blog owner or some good guy out there. This assumes that entries are normally approved automatically, but the workflow will even kick if you save draft.
The owner/moderator, once notified, can inspect the entry and decide what to do with it (can add a filter to get those entries with odd date). You can do the same with comments (there is no publish date in comments, so you may create a new text column, copy the blog title into that one and change the title – of the post to comment on – to something different).

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