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Use InfoPath Form For New and Edit But Not For Display Item

InfoPath forms, where applicable and available, are a great way to improve the look and feel of your list forms and also for adding client side functionality like validation and rules. InfoPath forms disable the default SharePoint forms for new, edit and display item on a content type basis (ex. the Item content type, which is the basis of many lists). This default behavior is not desired in some cases and the ability to modify the display form (or at least use the default SharePoint version) is needed. One good example is a list that has a lookup to another list: the OOB behavior of the display form is to hyperlink the lookup value to its details form. In InfoPath form (all purpose form), this is not the case – you see the lookup like plain text. The fix is easy.
Open the list in SharePoint Designer. On the details page, in the Content Types section (lower left of the details pane), click Item (or the content type you are using). A new page opens with the content type settings. All you need to do is modify the Display Form (under Forms). Instead of ~list/item/displayifs.aspx (Item is the content type in this case), use ~list/dispform.aspx (or whichever display form you want to use). Save your changes (top left) and that’s it.

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