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SharePoint 2010 Introduction in Arabic

April 24th, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

What is SharePoint 2010?

There is plenty of literature about SharePoint 2010 in English (articles, blogs, books, videos, …), and the Microsoft SharePoint site is available in a number of other languages. Since Arabic was not among these, I thought of writing a piece introducing SharePoint 2010 in Arabic – just for a change!
The Arabic Introduction To SharePoint 2010 is a special article and is not part of this series. However, you may be interested in referencing it if you need to. You may also distribute it in print or any other format provided you keep a reference to its source.

If you are looking for some good articles in English, please check the MS SharePoint Team Blog (detailed) and the CMS Wire article (business overview). For a very brief intro, check What is SharePoint 2010?