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SharePoint 2010 Useful Links

April 29th, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

You probably have your own list of SharePoint bookmarks. Sometimes, you just need quick access to certain information and your list of bookmarks grows beyond easy navigation. Here are some good pointers.
If you would like to test drive a fully functional version of SharePoint 2010 Server, you can download a trial version (valid for 180 days).  The page also has the temporary license keys.  SharePoint 2010 Foundation (free) is available here. You can also download the full installation in VHD format (two hyper-v VHDs for use on Windows 2008 R2 host) from the SharePoint VHDs site. This is the so-called Contosso demo, also valid for 180 days.
For customization, SharePoint Designer 2010 is free. It can be downloaded in both 64-bit Edition or 32-bit edition. Both are equivalent in functionality and you are advised to use the 32-bit edition unless you have Office 2010 64 bit already installed (help on Designer). And, if you are into development, you may download a trial version (up to 90 days) of any edition of Visual Studio 2010 (the express edition is free but can’t be used for SharePoint development).
SharePoint Official Blog is where you find news, articles, products and events related to SharePoint 2010 from the MS development team (and is powered by SharePoint 2010, of course). You will also find some free utilities, web parts and solutions at CodePlex.
For the official documentation, check TechNet SharePoint documentation and the SharePoint 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK).
If you need help, one good source is the SharePoint 2010 Forums. Make sure you select the relevant forum, search for existing answers before you post and be clear and concise (but provide all relevant info) and you may be helped within minutes.
SharePoint Updates is where you find an archive of cumulative updates and some help for IT professionals on best practices in planning and deploying the updates. The most recent public update for Office products and servers (SharePoint 2010 included) is at the MS Update Center.
In a previous post, I covered books on SharePoint 2010. There are many great blogs around and these are also a great source of information. This post is dedicated to general and official links.