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All Checked Out Documents Via Site Content And Structure

The Site Contents and Structure (under Site Actions – Manage Content and Structure) is a very handy management and reporting tool at the site collection level scope. It allows you to view and drill down through site contents including subsites and you can create new sites, pages and lists as well as manage existing items (copy, move, delete) and also change settings. Out of the box, you also get a few reports and where possible, you can view related resources (ex. images that belong to a certain page).
In addition to the default (all documents), you can view My Tasks, Items Checked out to Me, Last Modified by Me, Pending Approval, Drafts, Going Live in 7 Days and Expiring in 7 Days. These are all great, but what if you need other custom reports? For example, you need all checked out documents (for any user). The answer is relatively simple. SharePoint stores report definitions (including criteria) in a SharePoint list called Content and Structure Reports (http://site-collection-root-url/Reports%20List/). The criteria uses the CAML query language. So, to add a custom report, you add an item to the list and specify your CAML criteria.
In this example, you can examine the criteria for checked out to me and adjust it. Instead of specifying current user, we look for same fields that are not null:

Once you save the item and refresh content and structure, your new report will show in the drop down and the results will come out with no code (except CAML criteria).
You can, of course, write code to get the same result or customize the CQWP to get custom views, but the above method is simple and effective. Next time you log to your SharePoint site, try to make use of Content and Structure and feel free to add some custom reports.

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