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SharePoint 2010 Training Resources

For a successful implementation of a SharePoint project, in addition to planning, governance and change management, technical capacity is needed at various levels. Implementers, administrators and support staff will require various knowledge and skills in terms of platform architecture, security, object model and out of the box customization in addition to no code and code based solutions. Integration with MS Office, Exchange and other Microsoft and other vendors products is also required.
For end users, it is not enough to just know how to add an item to a list or understand the life cycle of a document. Other information and knowledge management skills will add value.
SharePoint training and capacity building is available in several formats and to several target audiences at various complexities. A working approach is to start from the big picture to know what SharePoint is and is not. Since SharePoint is a large platform, one usually ends up focusing on few areas with a working knowledge of the system as a whole.
If you are new to SharePoint, it is recommended to start with an introductory book or two like the step by step or the plain and simple series (maybe the dummies as well). I have already posted some pointers in the SharePoint 2010 Books post (covers other related books like InfoPath and SharePoint Designer). Once you gain the basics, you could vary your training and learning resources from online SharePoint 2010 tutorials and movie clips to articles and blogs or full training courses or presentations. It is recommended to have a trial or test installation to play with at this point – see SharePoint 2010 Useful Links.
If you are after certification, you should start at the Microsoft SharePoint Training site (in addition to the Microsoft SharePoint Learning resources).
SharePoint (server, designer and InfoPath) video training (subscription or on DVD) are offered by major training providers like Lynda.com, AppDev, TrainSignal, CBTNuggets and KAlliance in addition to face to face classes if they are offered in your area.
For end user training, you may use the Show Me product from Point8020, the MS productivity hub (see related tutorial) or the Microsoft SharePoint Help site. You can also find SharePoint 2010 tutorials for both end users and developers on YouTube or some SharePoint hosting providers sites.

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