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Linked Data Source In A Records Center

July 17th, 2011 Abed Khooli No comments

What is special about a records center? Well, if you click on data sources in the Site Objects in SharePoint Designer, you only see document libraries (as of SP1) and no lists. And, if you create a linked data source, it seems to work to the last step and you can’t see it among data sources (which are also limited to document libraries). This seems to be by design. However, if you inspect the All Files (under site objects), you can actually find the link data source (under _catalogs/fpdatasources/file-name.xml, where file-name is what you specified during the linked source setup, which could be the title of the first library if you did not specify one – you need to have permission to view All Files, of course, as part of your SPD rights). So, is this useful if we still can’t see it in the interface? The answer is yes.
If you compare a similar working scenario (normal libraries), the data source is almost copied to the page source inside a element. The recipe is simple:
1. Create your linked data source in a record center as usual (remember the name you give it to the data source).
2. Insert a data form on a web part page (insert – data view – empty data view) and select one of your libraries as the source (we need this to get the xsl stub)
3. Switch to code view and locate the element and delete everything inside it.
4. Open your data source xml file and copy the elements highlighted in the screen capture and paste inside the in the code view.
That’s it. You can even delete the xml file and your page should still work.
Notice that you can use a document roll up as an alternative with one advantage: in the linked data source, you have to update the data source if you add a new document library.

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