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Exporting Large Lists To Excel 2010

You try to export a large list (say over 100000 items) to Microsoft Excel 2010 and guess what? Only the first 52000 rows (plus the header) are exported. You also get a warning that reads “you do not have permission to view the entire list because it is larger than the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.” However, using Excel 2007, you can export the whole list without any complaint (a test was done on a little over 100000 items). Office 2010 is integrated with SharePoint 2010 more than 2007 is and this is one downside of this integration – or is it? Consider performance implications if several users start exporting large lists to Excel (may be security issues as well – taking data away easily).
The warning message resonates very well with the resource throttling in SharePoint 2010 except that the default threshold for a user is 5000 items only. In fact, the fix is to adjust resource throttling.
From Central Admin – application management – manage web applications, highlight the specific web applications and from the web application’s general settings (ribbon), select resource throttling and adjust the limit (for end user or for auditors and administrators) or enable and specify a time window for large queries. Export the list and reset the throttling back when done.

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