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Add A Daily Quote To Your SharePoint Site

May 13th, 2011 Abed Khooli 1 comment

I saw a question about adding a daily quote to a page using  javascript which was probably doable in 2007. In SharePoint 2010, using the browser may not work (adding a CEWP and putting the code in it) as SharePoint may remove the external js reference. The good news is, we do have a great web part for such things – the RSS viewer, and our source in this case – Brainy Quote does offer an RSS feed.
Just like any webpart, insert an RSS Viewer Webpart (from the content rollup group). Edit the web part and set the feed url to (or whatever your rss source is). Set feed limit to 1 and Refresh time to 1440 (in minutes, since it changes every day) and check: Show Feed Title and Description. Save changes and test. You may not like the appearance of the web part as in this case, Brainy Quotes has its header.
If so, you can also set Chrome Type of the web part to None (under Appearance). You can configure the web part further by adding icon or even editing the xsl.

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