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Welcome to Easy Arabic!
Easy Arabic is a unique attempt to meet the needs of Arabic learners especially beginner kids and those who had no prior knowledge of Arabic. Easy Arabic can also be used by adults, but those may find The Arabic Tutor more useful as it offers much more material than Easy Arabic. [ View some screenshots ]

This release (1.03) adds animated illustration of how to write Arabic letters. Click on a letter and watch out, as many times as you want, how it is traced or see its position relative to the line. Easy Arabic provides point and click sound capability, quizzes, games and more.

Easy Arabic is a shareware but it is more than 80% functional. We provide free Easy-Arabic registration (a serial number that adds full program functionality) to:
- users of The Arabic Tutor software (e-mail us your Easy-Arabic pre-reg. No. and your serial No. for The Arabic Tutor)
- Customers of our Arabic 101 online school (e-mail us your Easy-Arabic pre-reg. No. and your A101 username)
Note: the pre-reg. No. is the No. you see on the start-up screen of Easy-Arabic.

To get Easy Arabic 1.03, download the file (2197237 bytes), unzip it in a new folder and run setup.exe from that folder.
Easy Arabic runs on any flavor of MS Win3.1x, Win9x or Win NT.

Easy Arabic 1.03: File to Download, Screenshots to View:

  • Easy Arabic 1.03: file name (2197237 bytes)
    Use download site 3
    Then unzip the file using PKUNZIP or WINZIP.
  • View a screenshot of EzyArabic-1.03
  • View a screen shot of EasyArabic 1.021

Easy Arabic Registration (free)

You may obtain a registration number for Easy Arabic 1.03 (retired product) for free here (enter your pre-registration number, digits only, and a permanemt registration number will be displayed on the screen)

Last updated: Jan., 1, 2001
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O Árabe Simplificado

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Temos o prazer de anunciar a disponibilidade de "O Árabe Simplificado", versão portuguesa de "Easy Arabic". Por favor visualize o seguinte ficheiro leiame.txt para mais informação. Faça o DOWNLOAD dos ficheiros zipados a seguir indicados e depois o UNZIP em duas disquetes de alta densidade. Para instalar no seu PC execute o SETUP na primeira disquete.