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a = fatHah, aa = alif , i=kasrah, ii=yaa'
Look up answers next week!


I thought of starting by giving the Arabic for word!, so here it is. If you practiced well, you should be able to read it. kalimah (sf) and the plural is kalimaat (words). How do you say: "I wrote a word"? Arabic word


The word maktab (sm) is Arabic for office. The plural is makaatib (this is irregular aka broken plural). How do you say: "My office is clean"? Arabic word


By looking at the word below, you may think it is the feminine gender of yesterday's word. It's easy to read: maktabah and its plural is maktabaat. Maktabah is Arabic for library. It happens to be configuratively feminine, but is not derived from maktab. They both share the same root: kataba. In some places, sometimes, people refer to the bookshop/bookstore as maktabah. How do you say: "I went to the library"? Arabic word


OK, the instructor has been a bit lazy (rather busy), but today's word is handy. funduq (sm, u as in put, q is thick k) is Arabic for hotel. The plural is fanaadiq (sf!, hope you guesed already that it's irregular!). How do you say "I arrived at the hotel yesterday"? Arabic word


Back to school! The Arabic madrasah, plural madaaris (also irregular) means school (state or private). This includes elementary to high. The words for college and university are different. madrasah is sf, same is madaaris (what? you said it's the plural .. yes, but look at Tuesday's word. Can you see a rule here? more on this later). How do you say "our school is beautiful"? Arabic word


The word waTan (T is letter No. 16) is Arabic for homeland (country). It is sm, the plural is awTaan. This is also an irregular (broken) plural. How do you say : "I love -like- my country"? Arabic word


You need a break? Today's word is good for that! maQhaa is Arabic for cafe. It is sm, the plural of which is maQaahii (again, a broken plural). Remember the last letter in each is different (see Lesson 11 for more details). How do we say: "We drank coffee in the cafe"? Arabic word

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