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The Arabic Alphabet

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Welcome to the interactive Arabic alphabet! This page is a modified version of a screenshot from The Arabic Tutor software. Please see help and explanation below for assistance and further info about the alphabet.
A number of our vistors asked about Arabic numerals (Arabic numbers). In fact, the numbers 0,1, 2 ...9 are the Arabic ones. However, some Arab countries use a system of symbols which originated in India. Here's a chart of the two numerals systems.

The Arabic Alphabet
The Arabic Alphabet - Help and Explanation:
The Arabic alphabet is read from right to left, top to bottom. Letters whose names appear in blue are those which can't be joined on the left side. Letters with names in red change shape according to position in the word.
Click on a letter as many times as you want to listen to its name. We encoded the sounds in Real Audio version 3.1 (they won't work with earlier versions of Real Player). If you don't have the recent version of Real Player, you can download it (free) from

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The Arabic Numerals:
The Arabic Numerals

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