Arabic 102: Lesson 1: Self Test

You probably got an idea of what level of fluency you need to continue in our A102 class. The following self test, with answers, is provided to refresh your memory and help measure your readiness.

  1. Name the letters which do not join on their left (to the letter after them)
  2. write down the letter Shiin three times - once with FatHah, then with Dhammah and finally with Kasrah
  3. Read the following words after writing down their letters in the stand alone form (that is break them down into separate letters). For each letter, write down the letter's name as well. Also, give the meaning of each word.
    arabic text
  4. Write down the words whose letters are (from right to left):
    a) Thaa' with FatHa, followed by Haa' then Raa'(= back (body))
    b) Miim with Kasrah, followed by Saad with Sukuun then Raa'(= Egypt)
    c) Taa' with FatHah, followed by 'Ayn, Alif then Miim (= food)
    d) Taa' with FatHa, Waaw, Yaa' then Laam (= tall)
    e) Kaaf with FatHa, followed by Baa', Yaa' then Raa'(= big)
    f) Kaaf with kasrah, followed by Taa', ALif then Baa' (= a book)
    g) Miim, then Alif, then Thaal, then Alif (= what: as in what are you doing?)
    h) Miim with Fathah, Daal with Sukuun, Raa' with FatHah, Siin with FatHah, Taa' marbuuTah with double Dhammah (= school)
    i)Faa' with kasrah, Laam with FatHah, Siin with Sukuun, Taa' (thick one), Yaa', Nuun (= Palestine)
    j) Jiim with FatHah, Nuun, Alif, Haa' (= wing)
  5. Write down the Arabic for the following: You (s.m), she, we, friend, thanks, short (opp. long), dog,
  6. Translate into Arabic: Hi, my name is ... What's your (s.f) name?

A102: L1: Answers

1. Alif, Daal, Thaal, Raa', Zaay, Waaw

2. From right to left, respectively:
shiin with vowels

3. From right to left, top to bottom: (click the real audio icon to listen)

meaning and letters read word
(he) wrote: Kaaf, Taa', Baa' listen (male)
a cow (s.f): Baa', Qaaf, Raa', Taa' Marbuutah listen (male)
Islam: ALif with Hamzah, Siin, Laam, Alif, Miim listen (male)
A speech: Xaa', Taa', Alif, Baa' listen (male)
(he) did: Faa', 'Ayn, Laam listen (male)
one: Waaw, Alif, Haa', Daal listen (male)
a frog: Daad, Faa', Daal, 'Ayn listen (male)
a box: Saad, Nuun, Daal, Waaw, Qaaf listen (male)
garlic: Thaa', Waaw, Miim listen (male)
a hunter (s.m): Saad, Yaa', Yaa', Alif, Daal listen (male)
Note that we listed double yaa' for the last word because we had Shaddah above the Yaa'.

4. From right to left, top to bottom:
arabic text

5. From right to left:
arabic text

6. From right to left:
arabic text

We hope to see you all in lesson two and the rest of this course.

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