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Easy Archive

Easy Archive is a simple digital archival system for small and medium institutions and offices. You may use it to archive and retrieve documents, files and correspondence. Each record has its own metadata, tags and security level. You can also create relations between any two documents (records) in the system. See more in Easy Archive FAQ.

You must be logged in (top right) for most actions (viewing/editing existing documents or adding new ones).
Once you are logged in, more menu items will be made available. Some actions (deleting documents, system or user administration) require administrative access. Remember to log off when done.
You may use the test login TestUser with Test4Ezy as pwd (subject to change) to try limited, read only, functionality. If you need an account that can add and edit records, please contact us.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have questions.

1. this demo is restricted to a minimum of server resources and may be slow, especially at first.
2. if the text looks small (or you just want to enlarge it), most browsers use CTRL+ to increase font size, CTRL- to decrease it and CTRL0 (zero) to reset it to default. Some browsers also have a zoom tool (like IE8 and IE9, lower right corner, default may be above 100% based on DPI).